Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Ian 17

Floating nip.

Maybe it's cheating but I slipped two nips into the holiday :)

After the trek we had a couple of days at the Dead sea so this is instead of the usual picture of people floating while reading the paper.

Floating is proper odd, really difficult to stand up or do anything except float! On top of this the water is slimy and thick, quite warm and it stings like a bitch on any tiny scratch, cut or open massive foot blister you may have.

It's also traditional to cover yourself in - what I hope is - mud.

Settle yourselves down now.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Ian 16

Desert nip.

This is about halfway through an epic trek across the Jordanian desert. 101km over 6 days walking from Dana nature reserve to Petra.

It was really hot, unbelievably windy - one night one of the tents blew down and almost flew off a 50m cliff - and much more rocky and less sandy than you'd imagine.

I've a killer blister on the side of my foot and black toenails that are destined to fall off and disgust me soon! I reckon I'll be limping for weeks.

Need a holiday to recover :)