Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ian 15

Madness nip.
I'd not had enough
This was not the end of the madness, nor the start of the end of the madness this was mid-madness at Europe's daftest idea. Oktoberfest.

Nearly 200,000 piss heads singing to Oompah-Lupah music and wearing daft hats. This is something that should never be missed.

It's all on next year I too - start saving your pennies this should not be missed.

But really this is exactly what Oktoberfest is all about...

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Ian 14

Business nip.

What a palaver I've had!

Had to go to Germany and France to see some factories so flew to Nuremberg on Monday. Nuremberg's really good, magic schnitzel, chips and beer.

After looking at the factory I needed to go to St Etienne in France to see another. This meant flying to Amsterdam, connecting to Lyon and then hiring a car to drive the last bit.

Well delayed flights, storms, technical faults on planes and a work to rule KLM flight crew refusing to do overtime left me stranded in Lyon with the hire car place shut.

So this is me "enjoying" my emergency pot noodle, a snaffled bottle of wine from the plane and a trusty nip in an airport hotel room at 1:30 am.

Living the dream :)