Monday, 26 August 2013

Ian 13

Rock 'n' Roll Nip.

Spent the weekend feeling very, very old at Reading festival. Honestly beforehand I'd heard of perhaps half a dozen of the bands. There were a few more while we were there that I thought, Oh yeah I know this one song - and only then if it was off an advert.

Front stage

Back stage
Luckily we had Guest tickets and so didn't have to camp with the marauding 16 year olds celebrating their GCSE results.  We walked through one of the normal campsites and it looked like a refugee camp. If refugees behaved like Vodka fuelled Lord of the flies. There was definitely a whiff of cholera coming from the "Toilets".

We spent most of our time in the guest area bar back stage looking out for celebrities. Spotted Nick Grimshaw (Who I was sure was Greg James - is there a difference?) and spoke to the drummer from Bring me the Horizon from Sheffield!

I'm knackered now and need a week off of work.

What is that bloke wearing?

Need sleep badly

Monday, 5 August 2013

Ian 12

Czech mate.

A family outing to the Czech Republic's drinking capital; Prague.

Family Portrait

This is us topping up with a nip in front of the Astronomical clock in the Old Square. It got it's name from the price of the beer in the cafes that have a view of it.